PC Timeline

Here's a chronological outline of my Peace Corps / Peace Corps Master's International experience. 

2008-2009: Pre-Peace Corps

January 2008 - Applied to the university for PCMI
April - Accepted university admission
August - Deferred entrance until spring semester in order to extend an internship
November - Began working on online application for Peace Corps and requesting references
December 7 - Submitted online application to Peace Corps (informed them I was PCMI)
December 17 - Received e-mail response from recruiter and background check packet
December 20 - Returned background check packet
December 29 - Phone interview scheduled 

January-April 2009 - First semester in PCMI program; took classes:
  • Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
  • Volcano Seismology
  • Community Planning & Analysis
  • Field Engineering in the Developing World 
January 5, 2009 - Phone interview
January 16 - Nomination - Nominated for Jan - March 2010 (not to a specific region / program)
February - Medical, dental, eye exams
March 10 - Sent in medical packets
March 17 - Received dental clearance
March 27 - Medical Clearance - Lightning-fast ! ... after this I had a semester of classes left, so I didn't hear from Peace Corps for six months...

Summer - Break from classes ; interned on a local farm and taught for the university's Summer Youth Programs

September-December - Second semester in PCMI program; took more classes:
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Intercultural Communication of Hazards
  • Sociology of the Environment
  • Intermediate Spanish 
October - Began to receive requests from Peace Corps about my qualifications for different programs
November 5 - Invitation - Received invitation to Guatemala (Community Tourism Facilitator, January 2010)

2010-2012:  Peace Corps

January 6, 2010 - Staging in Washington DC
January-March - Training in Guatemala
March 25, 2010 - Sworn in as volunteers
February 25, 2012 - My training group members and I closed our service officially (COS-ed)
April 4, 2012 - COS - Personal "close of service"; left site and returned to the US

2012 - 2013: Post-Peace Corps

April-June 2012 - Travelled and re-adapted
July -Taught summer pre-college academic camps at the university
August-present - Working to finish Master's research project on water spring hydrology

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  1. Hi there!

    I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog! You're a great writer, and as someone who's also applying to a PCMI program(the PCMI-Geohaz program at MTU)I really appreciate the frankness and passion in your writing.

    Anyway, best of luck with your Master's thesis and take care!